Decorative Glass


Silvered mirror

Traditional silvered mirror or copper free mirror for better resistance against ageing.

On clear and tinted selected quality float glass, with or without safety backing.


Clear aluminium mirror

Economic mirror, thickness 2 – 6mm


Lacquered glass

Clear or extra clear glass, painter on the back with resistant varnish. Wide range of colours, including metallic tints.

Now also temperable lacquered glass (LacobelT®) – please consult us.


Satin etched glass

Plain acid etch finish on clear, tinted, extra clear and lacquered glass and mirror.

We provide a very uniform and consistent finish, also on large surfaces and between deliveries from different production runs.

Also etched figured and deep etched glass.


Picture framing glass

Rolled non glare glass in 2 mm


Laminated glass

With opaque or decorative interlayer


Patterned glass

Full range of clear and tinted patterned glass.

Quality: building quality and tempering quality.

Thickness 3 – 12 mm


Wired glass

Patterned glass with embedded wire mesh in clear and tinted.

Thickness 6 – 7 mm


Glass blocks

We supply quality glass blocks in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs.